About Nuvila Electric LLC

Electricians & Generator Installers in Houston, TX

Nuvila Electric LLC is regarded as one of Houston's premier electrical contractors. We are strategically positioned in the Houston market by having an in-house engineering team. Most electrical contractors have senior installers that have learned everything in the field and then transferred to an office after gaining seniority. At Nuvila Electric, design, estimation, and project management positions are completed by our engineering staff. As a team, we identify design limitations, inefficiencies, and ways in which our installations can be optimized at no additional cost to you. In the end, having full-time engineers working on your projects result in the high-quality finished product everybody desires for the job at hand. At Nuvila Electric our management has years of experience working on residential and commercial projects ranging from $1,000 to $5M+. We are confident we can handle the projects and challenges that are presented to us. At Nuvila Electic, customers come first, always. Our promise to clients - like you - is to deliver successful projects within the budget and timelines.