Common Electrical Mistakes People Make On Home Renovation Projects

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If you’re preparing to renovate your house, you’ve probably consulted an architect or designer about getting the job done. However, as part of their efforts to keep costs low, people plan the construction process themselves and pick the wrong company. Like these, without professional advice and assistance, they end up leaving out important aspects of a reno project like what kind of lighting they should use or where the wires and cables should go.

At Nuvila Electric LLC, we want you to make the most of your remodel and get the best possible results. So whether you’re applying a DIY method or professional advice, here are four of the biggest electrical mistakes people make when renewing a home so that you can avoid them in the future. 

1. Using the wrong wires
One of the most common mistakes people make when renovating their home is using the wrong wire for the condition. Some examples can be picking too small a scale for the circuit’s amperage, drawing the wrong type of wire through a conduit, or using the indoor line for an outdoor purpose. Here you’ll have potential overheating, damage to the wires or short circuits.

2. Not securing light fixtures 
Many of the calls we get for a lighting installation come after the customer has tried to install the light without professional help. And what we run into a lot when putting in new fixtures is when we take the existing fixture out, we find that they didn’t install it correctly in the first place. And taking a shortcut isn’t what you want to do with lighting. Therefore it is important to secure light fixtures appropriately during installation.

3. Making connections outside of a junction box
A junction box, also called an electrical box or connection box, protects electrical connections and prevents the spread of sparks or heat should a short circuit occur. Making connections outside of a junction box is one of the most common mistakes resulting in a fire hazard or arc situation. 

4. Keeping the wires too short
When trying residential wiring upgrades, inexperienced electricians tend to cut wires too short instead of leaving at least an extra three inches extending from the junction box. This will likely produce poor connections - yet another dangerous situation is if you find you’ve cut wires too short, splice and join an extension. 

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